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Questions? We Have Answers

What is Britlingo and how does it work?

Britlingo is an online language-learning platform that connects language learners with qualified online teachers for private sessions through live video chat. As a teacher, you need to click 'apply' and fill out the form, add your qualifications, and later on, we ask that you have a video linked to YouTube. Once you are approved, you can set up your profile in more detail and set your hourly rate.

How do I start a lesson?

When your lessons are booked, your upcoming lessons will show on the dashboard. You just click join, to join the lesson. It is that simple!

How do I get paid? What is you fee?

As Britlingo is a platform for freelance teachers, we do not set the pay rate. Instead, teachers can decide how much they think their services are worth. Britlingo takes a flat fee of 15%.

When will I get paid?

Britlingo runs on a two-weekly cycle, meaning we release the payments every second week. In order to meet the pay cycle, you (teacher) must release your wallet and request to get paid. Your payment is then sent to your chosen payment method. Any charges your bank or payment system charge is taken from your payment on your side of the account, we only take 15%.

What should I do during my online lessons?

Our code of conduct is simple. Demonstrate honesty and integrity. Respect the differences in people, their ideas, and opinions. Treat one another with respect and dignity. Respect the rights and needs of others to work in an environment that is conducive to learning and teaching in an online setting. Be courteous and polite in electronic message exchanges. Be ready for lessons and check the video connection 5 minutes before the lesson.

What should I avoid doing during my online lessons?

All members of the Britlingo community must NOT: Engage in bullying or aggressive behaviour. Threaten or intimidate others as much as being threatened or intimidated by others. Engage in behaviours motivated by hate or bias. Create a disturbance with interrupts or disquiets the proceedings of the school, a class, or any learning environment. Engage in any behaviour that would be considered as conduct injurious to the moral tone of the Britlingo or injurious to the physical or mental wellbeing of others. Misrepresent an identity or assume the identity of another by using login credentials other than those specifically assigned. This includes using email or login information issued to another including family members (unless this is for minors). Finally, do not ask learners for private details, and avoid sharing personal information that is not appropriate.

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