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Online Learning

Arab students in need of online learning alternatives

2021-10-12 |    0

This is a real story. Ali and Sarah are twins. After the recent Covid-19 lockdown in Kuwait, they felt like there was no one else to turn to for help with English. Sure, their teachers at school were trying but it's not helping enough. Large classrooms, chaotic zoom sessions, enormous homework, and no help at home were too much to handle.

One of their cousins told them about online learning platforms. They decided to give this new online tutoring thing a try! Their first session was rough because of the language barrier (they speak Arabic) but they were determined to make it work! Once they were able to get over that hurdle of language barriers they loved online tuition. You see, Ali and Sarah had both done some research before the COVID-19 lockdown started to find that native English speakers were either too busy or too expensive to hire.

On Britlingo the siblings found what they needed. Self-paced online courses in English and real Native-English speaking tutors. They booked different tutors who helped them with their homework, supported them emotionally, and boosted their confidence. The twins enjoyed the structured discussions in English on several topics and promised that once traveling is allowed to go with their families to the UK and meet with their tutors. 

Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels